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7-Eleven in Japan trialling a new holographic POS system

7-Eleven stores in Japan are now trialling a new holographic POS system that allows customers to make contactless payments using a holographic screen projected from the self-checkout terminal.

Holographic POS terminal

Developed by Toshiba, the Digi POS system creates the illusion of a touchscreen interface hanging in the air in front of a shopper.

The holographic displays are equipped with Neonode’s Touch Sensor Modules that make it possible to interact with the images projected by the virtual touchscreens mid-air.

Customers scan the products in their cart and then select their preferred payment method and confirm the transaction on the floating screen without needing to touch the self-checkout kiosk directly.

“Our technology is simplifying and enhancing the customer experience and making the interaction with the underlying device or system safer, more hygienic, and more convenient to use,” comments Urban Forssell, CEO of Neonod.

The holographic self-checkout kiosks will accept only cashless payment methods, including credit cards, e-money cards and QR codes.

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