Digital & Card Payment Statistical Yearbooks

PCM’s Digital & Card Payment Yearbooks provide the latest data on the European and Eurasian payments markets at country and regional level including granular detail on Cards Issuing, Acquiring Statistics, Mobile Payments, Mobile Commerce and E-commerce. They also show former trends and future direction of growth areas. Complementing the statistical data is an informed commentary on the figures and valuable insight into the issuers, acquirers, processors, banks’ and new entrants/players for each country from a team with collectively 150 years of experience in the payments market.

There are two Yearbooks;

European Digital & Card Payment Yearbook which comprises 33 country reports and an in-depth overview section.

Eurasian Digital & Card Payment Yearbook which contains 10 country reports from central Asia and Russia. There is also an overview section pulling together the regional market information.

The reports, now in their 23rd edition, are recognised throughout the payments industry as the most authoritative source of strategic information on the European and Eurasian digital payment and card markets. They are based on in-depth primary research, conducted throughout 2023, with Financial Institutions, Central Banks, card issuers, acquirers and network organisations across the regions.

Each country report comprises the following sections: