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Yaap launches “Yaap Shopping”

Yaap, the joint-venture between CaixaBank, Banco Santander and Telefónica, has signaled the beginning of its business operations with the launch of its first service, Yaap Shopping, in the cities of Valladolid and Palma de Mallorca.

Yaap shopping ( is a loyalty network that allows thousands of

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Yaap – the new brand for the CaixaBank, Santander and Telefónica joint-venture tasked with developing digital businesses

businesses to interact with hundreds of thousands of customers through offering discounts and promotions on their products and services. This is a service created for all types of physical businesses – from clothing stores to watch shops, restaurants, gyms and hairdressers. It’s specifically intended for local small businesses that often have little or no online presence.

Yaap Shopping will begin its activity today, in Valladolid and will be unveiled in Palma de Mallorca next week. Customers who register in these cities will enjoy automatic discounts across more than 200 businesses already participating, with other Spanish cities joining in the upcoming months. Yaap Shopping is launched with the objective of becoming Spain’s largest customer loyalty network by uniting tens of thousands of businesses under one service.

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