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Worldline chooses payment gateway to extend international card acceptance

Worldline, Atos subsidiary for e-payment services, have announced a premium strategic partnership with PAY.ON to enlarge Worldline’s international card acceptance coverage

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Worldline chooses PAY.ON’s Payment Gateway to extend the reach of its international acceptance

for e-payment.

With the partnership, Worldline strengthens its worldwide positioning to better support its customers when operating cross-border and entering new markets and countries. 

The integration into the PAY.ON Payment Gateway facilitates Worldline the immediate access into a high-performance payment gateway, the processing of transactions in more than 100 countries,and access to more than 350 payment providers and 150 payment brands over a single API.

With this enriched geographical coverage, Worldline will be able to even better satisfy the growing needs of its customers, currently spread in 17 countries, and leverage their business globally: Worldline clients can now easily connect to a wide range of foreign acquirers and payment methods for processing of local payment transactions worldwide.

“We have a strong commitment to providing the most advanced and innovative solutions to our customers,” comments Christophe Duquenne, COO and Head of Merchant Services from Worldline.

“Our connection to PAY.ON Payment Gateway will extend our geographical coverage for Merchant Services Online Payment globally, so we can offer our customers a wide range of payment methods and worldwide acquirer connectivity.”

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