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Worldline and Hease Robotics sign payments partnership

Worldline has entered into a mutually beneficial co-development relationship with Hease Robotics, a French B2B service robot manufacturer, delivering interaction-oriented robots to the retail and hospitality industries.

payments partnership

Worldline and Hease Robotics sign payments partnership

Worldline and Hease Robotics signed a partnership to enable extended services on customer-facing robots in public places like malls, shops, entertainment locations, events locations, and transport stations.

In this co-development relationship,  Worldline will bring to Hease, the first robot designed for the retail industry by Hease Robotics, state-of-the-art technologies and industrial end-to-end services such as payment, including all current and future payment methods, people detection, mood detection, voice detection, new user experiences, next-gen authentication as well as security and connected device management.

With the digital revolution and technological advancements come new innovative types of users interactions through new interfaces and new devices which must be autonomous, context-based, and multichannel in order to accompany customers and sellers in stores. These new interfaces, such as Hease, aim to welcome customers with warmth, provide them with information, help and suggestions but also entertain them.

Worldline already has an extensive experience in the retail industry, with solutions for ordering and payments, with interactive kiosks in hotel lobbies, public places and transport stations, with intelligent connected cars that manage fuel and insurance for its users, with connected piggy banks that transform the ‘analog’ coin-based piggybank with a fully NFC-enabled account managing device, to name a few.

“We are extremely proud that Worldline chose Hease Robotics to work on the future of interactions in the retail and hospitality industries,” comments Max Vallet, CEO of Hease Robotics.

“We want to bring the most advanced robotics services to the market, meaning working with the best technology actor in the world. Worldline will bring their technology as well as their experience to Heasy, our retail-oriented robot.”

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