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Wirecard partners with O2 to offer mPOS

Wirecard is working with O2 Czech Republic to offer eKasa which is a fully online, mPOS system

O2 Czech Republic to offer eKasa

                       O2 Czech Republic to offer eKasa

together with credit card payment transaction services to all retailers in the Czech Republic.

Wirecard will act as the acquirer that processes all payment transactions, as well as the technical service provider which enables O2 to use Wirecard’s mPOS Software Developing Kit (SDK).

Subsequently, O2 will offer its customers the solution eKasa that includes a card reader which provides merchants with secure chip and PIN mobile card acceptance. This practical alternative to fixed till systems is suitable for merchants, companies and self-employed people from all industries who are now affected by this new government directive.

This year, a new till system law has been implemented in the Czech Republic requiring retailers to conclude payment transactions online. Payment details are then forwarded to the national tax office where they are reviewed in order to avoid tax fraud.

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