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Webinar: Balancing security and convenience in e-commerce transactions

INFORM and Netcetera held a joint webinar that took a closer look at some of the challenges associated with the e-commerce payment ecosystem.

The stakeholders within this ecosystem, including consumers, merchants and financial institutions must all be on the same page in order to ensure a successful outcome. All parties involved are faced with the balancing act between convenience and security.

INFORM and Netcetera have joined forces to help ensure this balance is met through the combination of easy-to-use authentication methods and intelligent risk assessment. The event started out with a look at more specific challenges and drivers found within the e-commerce space. The importance of having a strong risk analysis strategy in place was also discussed, followed by an introduction to the RiskShield by INFORM solution. Toward the middle of the presentation, the topic of Strong Customer Authentication took centre-stage, including the challenges associated with regulation compliance.

After the clear presentation of the individual solutions were completed, the power of combining both Netcetera and INFORM products was demonstrated. The result is a safe, frictionless e-commerce transaction process.

This short clip provides an excellent overview of Risk Based Authentication and PSD2 exemptions. The importance of always conducting a risk check for each transaction is highlighted.

In summary, some of the key findings from the webinar include:

  • Data is a key factor – the more data available (3DS 2.x), the better the risk analysis
  • Usage of PSD2 exemptions can minimize friction in e-commerce transactions
  • Data analysis and data simulation is a must
  • It is worth investing time in the challenge flows

Many thanks to the presenters and everyone else involved in organizing this insightful event.

Click here to request the full webinar and watch “on-demand”

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