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Verifone Carbon – connected commerce

Verifone has unveiled Verifone Carbon– a flexible and integrated POS that leverages powerful capabilities and applications to transform the checkout process into an experience merchants and consumers will love.

New Commerce Experiences for a Connected World

Verifone Carbon embodies the company’s vision for how commerce operates in a connected world. It is the

Verifone Carbon

                                                           Verifone Carbon

result of Verifone’s commitment to transforming the POS, where we are connecting merchants to new differentiating opportunities and consumers to intuitive, enjoyable experiences.

“Today, merchants need trusted tools and services to create simple, secure and engaging consumer shopping experiences and new ways to grow their businesses,” said Glen Robson, executive vice president of Verifone Systems. “Verifone Carbon is our most well-designed and technologically advanced product ever.”

Robson adds, “It uniquely delivers on our vision of the future of commerce in a connected world by bringing together payments, applications, customer service functions and other solutions for running a business into a single integrated system. It’s a cutting-edge solution for merchants who want to experience the joy of truly frictionless commerce.”

Why Design and Connections Matter

The point of purchase has been evolving over 30 years, but today the need to be connected – and the endless possibilities those connections represent – require a new approach and different design ethos.

Verifone Carbon offers a secure business solution that are designed perfectly for café owners, quick service restaurants and retail stores. Featuring dual high-resolution screens that are optimized for merchants and consumers, the system integrates into a sleek stand with built-in high-speed printer, and optional cash drawer at the base – requiring minimal counter space and offering portability for mPOS activities.

Connect to Scalable, Open Commerce

Verifone Carbon will come loaded with Verifone’s Commerce Platform, an open, cloud-based and secure engagement platform where businesses can quickly customize applications and services. New and interesting commerce experiences will be possible for merchants as they enhance consumer interactions beyond payments. This capability will be available through Verifone’s commerce-enabled MX and VX products as well as next-generation devices such as Verifone Engage.


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