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US store chain Supervalu hit by network breach

US supermarket chain Supervalu has become the latest large-scale merchant to suffer a breach of its network, compromising customer card data. In a statement, the company says it suffered a “criminal intrusion” into the part of its network that processes payments for some of its 3,320 stores. The breach is said to have occurred between 22 June and July 17 this year.


Supervalu has suffered a network breach

According to the company, account numbers, expiration dates and other numerical information and cardholder names may have been compromised at POS systems in some owned and franchised stores.

The breach has also affected another retailer, Albertsons, which says that some of its shoppers at some of its stores may have had their card details compromised because Supervalu provides it with third-party IT services.

Supervalu says that it has taken steps to secure its network and is confident that customers can now use their cards in its stores. The firm has brought in forensics experts to investigate and notified federal law enforcement authorities.


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