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The most searched digital banks in Europe

The most searched digital banks in Europe

A new study has revealed that Revolut is the most searched digital bank service in Europe.

The study analysed a comprehensive list of digital bank services available in Europe through Ahrefs to discover the average number of monthly searches each bank receives in each European country.

Revolut was the most Googled overall, being first in 15 countries, including Germany and Spain with 71,000 average monthly searches each, and Switzerland with 25,000 average monthly searches.

The bank is also the second most searched in six more countries like France and Iceland, and third in six countries, including Belgium, Italy and Belarus. Overall, Revolut registers 923,080 average monthly searches throughout the whole of Europe.

Wise is the second most searched in 18 countries, including Hungary, Greece and Portugal, while it is third in five countries. Overall Wise counts 338,080 average monthly searches in Europe.

N26, a German neo bank founded in 2013, comes in third as it’s the top result in four European countries: Andorra, Austria, San Marino and Slovenia. The bank is also the second-most searched in four countries, including Belgium and Luxembourg, and the third most searched in ten more countries.

The reason this is so interesting is that, despite Neo banks and digital only banks having been on the market for e relatively short period of time, they have clearly had a massive impact on the banking market.

As an example, not one single major brand bank is represented on the list – not even one that has launched its own brand digital only brand.

The impct that these challenger banks has made has not only been rapid, but impressive as well. It also demonstrates how far away the incumbents were – and perhaps still are – from the modern banking customer and the products and services they like to consume.


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