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The most comprehensive hub to accelerate mobile payment

The most comprehensive hub to accelerate mobile payment

Gemalto has introduced its Allynis Trusted Services Hub, a business service that enables financial institutions, enterprises, transport operators and more generally all digital service providers to benefit from a single connection in order to securely deploy their value-added and mobile payment services across a comprehensive portfolio of smartphones and mobile networks around the world.

Through Allynis Trusted Services Hub customers get immediate access to the largest user base using NFC smartphones already equipped with Secure Elements. Over 1.5 billion mobile users worldwide are covered by Gemalto-contracted Trusted Services Management (TSM) platforms, with over a hundred million high-end “multi-tenant” SIM cards already in place to protect and manage sensitive application credentials.

“Mobile contactless services are becoming mainstream,” says Jean-Claude Deturche, Senior Vice President of Mobile Financial Services at Gemalto. “Service providers understandingly want a simple way to deploy their services, and mobile operators and handset makers are investing in more security capabilities.”

A pictogram showing the Gemalto Trusted Service Hub

Gemalto Trusted Service Hub

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