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The likelihood of a data breach within an organisation

Prodec Networks has released a new infographic to highlight how vulnerable business are to internal data breach threats. In addition, it shows the financial impact this can have on a business.

After employees, the information a business holds has become one of the most valuable assets.  However, with the explosion in the types and amounts of information that a business relies upon, together with the many ways of accessing information, businesses are now open to new threats that could have a crippling impact on the business. There could be either financial consequences and/or damaged reputation, should data fall into the wrong hands.

Prodec Networks has collated the facts into an infographic to demonstrate the scale, likelihood and impact a data breach can have on a business. These include fines of up to £500,000 for loss of information due to negligence to 90% of businesses experiencing a data loss or leakage in the past 12 months.

Russell Barley, Managing Director, Prodec Networks said: ‘As soon as Prodec Networks realised the size and scale of the issues a data breach can have on an organisation, we felt compelled to put this infographic together to help businesses ensure they are aware of the facts and can take action’. He continued ‘The infographic makes it easy to understand the issues and impact, it’s a must read for every business!

An infograph showing the cost of data breaches

Data breaches are a large threat to organisations.

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