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STS launches PayOp – a new Terminal Management Systems

STS launches PayOp – a new Terminal Management Systems

STS has launchesd PayOp, its next generation payments operational management system. PayOp will support traditional terminal management functions alongside new smart features such as analytics and operational insight.

Multiple POS terminals

STS launches PayOp – a new Terminal Management Systems

Critically, PayOp is the first vendor agnostic Terminal Management System (TMS) allowing merchants to generate cost savings by operating a mixed estate of payment terminals from multiple manufacturers. Mixed terminal estates, following M&A activity or in order to address different markets, are a current operational headache.

STS first introduced this popular vendor agnostic approach at the time of the introduction of Chip and PIN technology, resulting in over 150,000 licences being sold worldwide.

Terminal management used to be a standalone backroom task that focussed largely on initial deployment and was not integrated with other operational tools and systems. This led to operational inefficiency, high cost and the need for specialist staff skills.

Merchants were forced to use a TMS supplied by the vendor of the terminals they had selected, unless they were prepared to carry the high initial and ongoing costs of developing an in-house system.

Now, payments applications constantly need to be changed and regularly updated in order to offer maximum-security protection, ensure compliance to the latest standards and support the introduction of new payment technologies like contactless and mobile payments.

Before a merchant can add Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Samsung Pay support, or introduce Tokenisation, or Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) security techniques, terminal configuration settings will need to be changed and new software will have to be loaded remotely onto the terminals.

“We heard from our customers and business partners that they needed a next generation payments operational system that allows them to provide a higher quality payments acceptance service.” says Steve Turner, CEO of STS.

“This needs to integrate seamlessly with other merchant, operational and infrastructure management systems through clear APIs and offer full lifecycle device management. They also wanted a productised system that was extremely intuitive to use and one that would be enhanced over time to support the needs of this evolving payments market. So, as a product-led company we set about developing PayOp.”

PayOp is a Java Enterprise (J2EE) database backed application that can be installed as a cloud service or in a secure central datacentre.

Advanced features include: asset tracking, P2PE chain of custody, transactional reporting, analytics, alert notifications, preventative maintenance, systems integrity checking, remote key management, software download scheduling and device authentication, all managed through a user friendly web app user interface. These features, alongside STS’ device agnostic approach, set PayOp apart from currently used TMS systems.


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