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Start winning with omni-channel and Apple Pay

Speed and convenience – these are the main ingredients consumers look for in a shopping experience today. If you’re short on either of these, big chances are your shop, either online or brick and mortar won’t get the traffic that you’d like.

Apple Pay in China

Start winning with omni-channel and Apple Pay

Consumers have got a need for speed. To keep things nice and simple, they will always go for the quickest payment method at the checkout. No surprise then that Apple Pay is trending for exactly these reasons. Consumers can get their hands on the goods or services they want in just a blink of an eye or with a simple touch. All they have to do is complete the payment via their Apple device.

As a licensed global acquirer and fan of safe and easy payments, we’re among the early adopters of Apple Pay in the Netherlands. We offer Apple Pay to our merchants via our award-winning platform in 25 countries around the globe, now including the Dutch market.

Everyone’s excited about it as ING’s recently brought Apple Pay to the Netherlands. This means that Dutch businesses processing payments with us can easily enable their Dutch consumers to pay online, in-app and in-store via their Apple Wallet, based on ING debit cards.

Have we mentioned that Apple Pay comes at no additional cost apart from the usual card processing fees? That’s right, we’re not adding any fees on top – so merchants can give their shoppers a speedy, easy and safe way to pay. Our vision is all about open platforms and industry collaboration. Using our payment platform, merchants and payment facilitators can accept Apple Pay for both credit and debit cards – globally – at no extra cost.

Consumers also expect convenience. They want to be able to easily switch between channels. It’s not just online, in-store and in-app shopping for modern consumers. It’s all these channels combined. Your customers might be browsing in your brick and mortar store, yet they might be placing orders online because you have a promotion going on. So you need to make sure your customers can easily swap platforms while enjoying the same flawless experience.

That’s not an easy thing to do, obviously, and it requires a top-notch omni-channel solution. But we’ve got you covered on this one too. By adding our e-commerce capabilities to our partner ING’s point of sale solutions, we’ve crafted a proposition combining FinTech and banking expertise that gets you to the top of the omni-channel game.

Quick recap: speed and convenience are glued to a true omni-channel experience. Having these two ingredients will help you win more and more customers while also keeping them coming back for repeat purchases. Want to step up your omni-channel game and start accepting Apple Pay?

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