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Square launches customer engagement tools

Square launches customer engagement tools

mPOS player Square is launching a new suite of customer engagement tools aimed at small businesses. The new tools will work in conjunction with the Square Register service in order to link online marketing efforts to sales.


mPOS player Square is launching new customer engagement tools

Square Marketing will enable businesses to drive foot traffic to stores and will allow them to select customisable email templates to create a promotion, an announcement, or an event invitation. Square will also provide preorganised lists of customers who’ve already visited a business to enable targeted marketing efforts.

According to Square, Square Marketing closes the loop for brick-and-mortar businesses by enabling them to see precisely how marketing drives in-store sales, whether customers come back, and how much they spend when they do. Square stated that during a pilot phase of the new services, sellers who sent out promotions saw open and redemption rates at 2x the industry average. Square sellers generated nearly $1,000,000 in sales tied directly to promotion redemptions.

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