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SPECTRA Technologies achieves PCI PTS 4.0 for CREON terminal

SPECTRA Technologies achieves PCI PTS 4.0 for CREON terminal

SPECTRA Technologies has achieved the approval of the highest level of security requirement, PCI PIN Transaction Security (PTS) 4.0., in its payment terminal CREON.

SPECTRA has become the world’s second vendor (first in Asia) to receive the latest PCI

A SPECTRA Creon POS terminal

SPECTRA Technologies Achieves PCI PTS 4.0 For CREON Payment Terminal

PTS 4.0 certification.

The PCI PTS 4.0 certification applies globally and focuses on increasing the robustness of devices by requiring compliance to the strongest technical standards for payment security.

“SPECTRA will continue to advance our technology andimplement the latest security standards to our products. The approval ofPCI PTS 4.0 demonstrates our technical strength in the secured payments industry and assures the quality of our offer to our worldwide customers and partners,” comments Mr. Bango Ning, VP Business Development Worldwide, SPECTRA Technologies.

For Spectra, the CREON series provides a flexible modular communication interfaces for GPRS, Wifi, Bluetooth and Ethernet, enabling customers to select their connectivity options for different retail projects. CREON also provides the option of integrated contactless reader to meet the new trend of NFC payment. SPECTRA provides a wide range of products from terminals to pinpad, the latest products include the T1000 colour display payment terminal and SR300 external contactless reader.

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