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SEQR mobile wallet launches in Belgium with bpost Bank

Seamless has continued its rapid rise in the mobile wallet space with its SEQR. A collaboration with bpost bank in Belgium has been announced that will enable consumers to connect their bank account to SEQR’s mobile payment solution.

SEQR enables anyone with a smartphone to pay in stores, online, at restaurants, utility

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SEQR wins deal with bpost Bank

bills and parking lots, transfer money at no charge, store receipts digitally and receive offers and promotions directly – through one mobile app solution.

McDonald’s is the first to roll out and will make SEQR available in all of its Belgian restaurants at the time of launch in the spring of 2014 – according to the Wall Street Journal.

“The collaboration with bpost bank provides us with another stable and substantial international financial partner as we make our seventh market entry. Thanks to our smooth payment method and the significant decrease in interchange fees, we are delighted that McDonald’s once again realizes the merchant benefits and have chosen to partner with us. We look forward to a large scale roll out which will make SEQR available to all Belgians,” says Peter Fredell, CEO of Seamless, the company that provides SEQR.

bpost bank will offer its customers the ability to connect SEQR’s mobile payment application to their bank account. This will allow them to make payments in stores and online quickly, securely and without charge. Through the SEQR app, the user simply scans or taps a QR-code/NFC at the check-out of partnering merchants and approves the purchase by entering a PIN code. SEQR is a generic payment method, independent from existing payment structures, that enables merchants to lower their interchange fees significantly compared to those charged by traditional card companies; a win-win-win for all parties.

“SEQR is a mobile payment solution which is unique in the Belgian marketplace. As a simple and free solution, SEQR accords with the values of bpost bank, who wants to provide products and services which are easy to use, secure and for everyone,” says Frédéric Jonnart, Director of Marketing & Sales at bpost bank.

Belgium is the seventh market entry for SEQR after Sweden, Norway, Finland, Kuwait, Malaysia and Romania. As in Sweden, McDonald’s will be one of the early adopters to offer this flexible and secure mobile payment method to its customers in Belgium.

“At McDonald’s, we are always looking at new technologies to increase the McDonald’s experience by offering our customers extra services,” said Kristel Muls, spokesperson of McDonald’s Belgium.

“McDonald’s is just evolving at the same pace as consumers. By introducing SEQR, we offer a, easy, fast and secure way of payment in order to increase the quality of our service. The roll out is foreseen in the spring of 2014 in all Belgian McDonald’s restaurants.”

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