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PPRO acquires allpago

PPRO has announced the acquisition of Latin American payments provider allpago to create the world’s leading platform for local payments.

allpago is a provider of payment and gateway services in Latin America covering 90% of the market. This expansion is a transformational step for PPRO to meet its ambition of globalising the company and build upon its recent expansion into Asia-Pacific and North America.

The deal will see PPRO become a greater influence in all markets globally and is adding a wealth of additional local payment methods (LPMs) to their payment’s offerings. By utilising allpago’s knowledge and technical integrations into LPMs, PPRO can add even more value to their customers.

This acquisition is part of a wider strategy that PPRO has adopted to become a truly global platform with direct integrations into all major local payment methods worldwide, and to meet customers’ needs around the clock wherever they are located. The combined business will have more than 200 people with unmatched expertise in local payments and in-depth experience in key markets around the world.

“Latin America’s economy is one of the most exciting emerging regions in the world. 156 million people are expected to buy goods and services worth $80 billion online by the end of 2019. It is a part of the world that holds huge potential for PPRO to build a thriving presence,” says Philipp Bock, CEO and founder of allpago.

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