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Powa Technologies to revolutionise advertising

Powa Technologies to revolutionise advertising

Rai Advertising, the exclusive advertising group for Rai, Italy’s largest broadcaster, has signed a strategic partnership with mobile technology leader Powa Technologies Limited to introduce its innovative PowaTag mobile commerce solution across all media channels.

The PowaTag platform will be available to all Rai dealership trading partners. It will enable

Powa Technologies to revolutionise advertising

Powa Technologies to revolutionise advertising

consumers to make instant transactions through any advertising medium with their smartphones in real-time. By downloading the app, consumers can engage with advertising whenever they see the PowaTag logo on screen by scanning specialised tags with their phone camera or simply holding their phone up to recognise the AudioTag option.  Transactions are completed in just two taps using pre-entered details.

Rai is the fifth largest broadcaster in Europe, and the largest in Italy, with a television audience share of more than 30 per cent. The group operates 15 television and seven radio channels, broadcasting via digital terrestrial and several satellite and IPTV platforms. Rai Advertising exclusively handles all advertising across TV, radio and online for the group.

Fabrizio Piscopo, Rai Advertising CEO, said: “The partnership with PowaTag is a perfect fit for Rai Advertising’s  focus on innovation and freshness. We are very proud to offer to our partners a cutting edge-solution that fully meets the new market demands”.

He added: “Broadcast is by far the most popular channel for advertising in Italy, but companies have previously been blinded about how successful their campaigns actually are. The use of PowaTag will enable advertisers to collect unprecedented real-time data about how, when and where consumers buy their products through each campaign”.

Dan Wagner, CEO and Founder of Powa Technologies, said: “We are very proud to have reached an agreement with the prestigious Rai Advertising. With PowaTag, brands will be able to unlock rich new customer engagement opportunities through previously passive advertising mediums.

“Consumers will be able to complete transactions even before an advert is finished playing, rather than leaving it to chance that they will remember later. Brands and retailers will also be able to collect smart data about consumer behaviour to develop their campaigns, to extend the boundaries of stores and to ultimately evaluate the results of their advertising investment in a way that was previously impossible”.

The PowaTag solution has now gone live across three continents, and is designed to enable growth by creating powerful new sales opportunities. Thanks to the partnership  with Rai Advertising, brands and retailers will be able to monetise their campaigns with instant sales for the first time, using PowaTag to transform ads on any Rai audiovisual medium into an interactive point of sale to unlock a lucrative new revenue stream.

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