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PKO BP selects ACI for advanced mobile payment system BLIK

PKO BP, the largest bank in Poland has selected ACI to support the bank’s ambitious growth plans for its mobile payment system BLIK, in one of Europe’s most innovative and fastest-growing markets.

PKO’s IKO payments initiative is a mobile app that allows PKO and Inteligo (its Internet

BLIK in use at an ATM

PKO BP selects ACI for advanced mobile payment system BLIK

brand) customers and non-customers to make mobile payments across a wide network of stores – both traditional and internet-based – and transfer funds to beneficiaries identified by their telephone numbers.

Additionally, it allows users to withdraw money from ATMs via their mobile phones. Thousands of retailers and restaurants across Poland have already joined the scheme, which is globally regarded as a market-leading payments innovation.

In 2013, six Polish banks decided to build a common mobile payment standard based on the IKO technology. The new payment system, which is called BLIK, will be launched this year and will connect the different banks via a common payments platform, while allowing them to develop their own application software.

The project is unique in terms of its scale, considering the market share of the participating financial institutions, and in terms of the many offerings it will deliver to users.

“This is an exciting time for the payments industry in Poland, which is quickly emerging as one of the largest, fastest growing and most innovative markets in Europe. As with many well established banks, the challenge for Bank PKO BP is to grow while also maintaining a reputation for reliability,” said Sylvie Boucheron-Saunier, vice president and general manager, Continental Europe, ACI Worldwide.

“We are delighted that Bank PKO BP has strengthened its long standing partnership with ACI, bringing the best payments capabilities to its customers.”

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