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Payvision celebrates its 1st anniversary with ING

Payvision has celebrated its one-year partnership with ING, one of the largest European banks. During the first year, the ING-Payvision partnership brought forward an exclusive blend of payments and banking products to the industry, positioning the two as a financial services powerhouse.

Payvision celebrates its 1st anniversary with ING

Besides serving merchants across the globe with a data-driven, omni-channel payments platform, the combined proposition also integrates Internet of Things capabilities from both companies, such as FINN, into a wider FinTech ecosystem.

This empowers Payvision to accommodate any payment method a merchant could ask for; from traditional cards, to Apple Pay, soon to be introduced by ING in the Netherlands, as well as invisible payment capabilities in the future.

In 2018, the strategic focus was placed on serving mid-sized merchants in Belgium and the Netherlands, and large corporates with a global reach. During 2019, this is planned to be extended to all SME customers of ING.

“This first year of partnership involved a deep understanding and adjustment to each other’s business styles, and we all benefited from the creative, straightforward entrepreneurial spirit of Payvision coupled with the resourcefulness and the broader financial knowledge of ING,” said Mark Buitenhek, Global Head Transaction Services at ING Group.

“Payvision’s rebranding comes as a natural step towards its growth ambitions and ING is delighted to see the FinTech mindset showing off through the company’s strong identity.”

The new Payvision brand encompasses the creativity and energy of the team driving the company’s growth. The human-centric approach and vibrant, simple identity bring a breath of fresh air for customers in an industry defined by complex solutions. It’s through the nature of its close, human interactions that Payvision brings a unique tempo, underlining the company’s new brand essence, the beat of payments.

“Payvision’s new brand identity was a strategic project aimed at reinventing the company as it stepped into a new chapter. So, we’re excited and proud of this milestone,” said Payvision’s CEO, Rudolf Booker.

“There’s no better way to celebrate our first anniversary with ING than by redefining our DNA, reflecting the lively personality and creativity of the people behind the company. Payvision is now ready for the future, living up to its core values, passion and curiosity.”

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