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Paysafe launches EMV-enabled global omni-channel mPOS services

Paysafe has expanded its long-term partnership with Handpoint to offer EMV-ready mPOS and online payment solutions to merchants and partners in Canada, the US and Europe. Through this partnership, Paysafe offers end-to-end frictionless payments online, in-store and through mobile devices and tablets.

The solution supports Paysafe’s growing Integrated Partnership Channel. This provides Value Added Resellers

Paysafe launches EMV-enabled global omni-channel mPOS services

Paysafe launches EMV-enabled global omni-channel mPOS services

and Independent Software Vendors and Software-as-a-Service companies, such as Membership Management Platforms, Donor Management Platforms and Field Service Software Applications, with the ability to take in-person or online payments using a solution that is directly integrated into their technology platforms.

According to a Forrester report, business suppliers are racing to meet buyer demands driven by consumer online buying experiences.

83% of B2B sellers are either in the process of upgrading/implementing their eCommerce suite or planning to do so within six months. Paysafe’s omni-channel solutions enable merchants to accept credit cards, debit cards and ACH (Direct Debit) payments through its PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway. The solutions offer tokenization to protect and safely store customer data, and use Paysafe’s state-of-the-art REST APIs and SDKs for seamless integration.

The new Paysafe mPOS mobile app for iOS and Android is built exclusively to work with Handpoint’s secure mobile payments solution, and is perfect for merchants looking to accept in-field payments. Software developers can also choose to integrate user-friendly SDKs for mobile platforms and cloud-based POS to take advantage of Paysafe and Handpoint’s end-to-end mobile EMV solution: P2PE security, pre-certified EMV, fast and easy merchant activation, and remote terminal management.


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