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Payments Cards & Mobile Jobs of the Week

As we emerge from the last few years of lockdowns and restrictions, things are really starting to look positive.

Payments Cards & Mobile Jos of the Week

The world is somewhat returning to normal, and we couldn’t be happier. One sure fire way to spot that things are getting better is the fact that so many amazing companies are hiring all over the world.

We have hand selected a few of the companies that have some really amazing opportunities in the UK, and further afield if you fancy a big adventure.

Check them out now…


Klarna was founded in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden with the aim of making it easier for people to shop online. In the last 15 years, technology has evolved, excited, and transformed the world around us, yet their mission remains as relevant as ever – to make paying as simple, safe and above all, smooth as possible.

Klarna is now one of Europe’s largest banks and is providing payment solutions for 90 million consumers across more than 250,000 merchants in 17 countries. Klarna offers direct payments, pay after delivery options and instalment plans in a smooth one-click purchase experience that lets consumers pay when and how they prefer to.

At Klarna, they’re in the middle of what they call their ‘moment’. They are revolutionising shopping, payments, and banking. And the world is taking note. But it doesn’t come easy. They have to be brave enough to take risks. Bold enough to fail. And, unreasonable enough to accept nothing but the best.

In the years since their founding, they have become Europe’s highest valued private fintech (and 4th highest worldwide). And they’re growing their turnover by 40% each year. Which makes trying new things out and the freedom to explore not just a reality. But a necessity. Today, they have over 5,000 employees and hire more than 3,000 people a year – and you could be one of them! Their offices are spread over 3 continents and are staffed by 100+ nationalities. And their shared experience is one that is as diverse and collaborative as it is impactful, dependable, and rewarding. CLICK HERE


Revolut is building the world’s first truly global financial superapp. In 2015, Revolut launched in the UK offering money transfer and exchange. Today, their customers around the world use dozens of Revolut’s innovative products to make more than 100 million transactions a month. Across their personal and business accounts, they help customers improve their financial health, give them more control, and connect people seamlessly across the world.

Revolut believes that any success comes from two things: people and culture. They believe that brilliant people operating in a great culture will produce the best outcome. Their culture is their DNA, it defines who they are, how they operate, and how they handle disagreements with each other. Revolut operates, hires, develops, and promotes people based on core values: dream team, never settle, think deeper, get it done and deliver WOW.

Revolut has offices across Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and beyond, so there really is a home for everyone. CLICK HERE


Moneybox was started because they believe everyone should have the opportunity to save and invest for their future. They’re a friendly team of experienced entrepreneurs, developers, designers and marketers with a successful track record in building mobile apps. Inspired by a vision, they go to work every day because they believe everyone should have access to the tools and information to confidently plan for their financial future.

Culture is a vital component of Moneybox. Without their unique culture, they wouldn’t be where they are today. Moneybox actively nurtures a positive and inclusive environment where everyone’s ideas and opinions are listened to. They all play an important part in the success of Moneybox – every team member has a direct and visible impact on the business. And that comes with responsibility too!

Communication is key to what they do – they have regular company meetings to keep up to date on all aspects of the business (from growth to technology). This encourages collaboration and cohesion. It also focuses the team on the shared vision: developing the very best tools and information to help everyone save and invest for their future.

Moneybox is hiring for a number of exciting roles, so check out their careers page now! CLICK HERE

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