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nexo and FIS sign for globally standardised card payments acceptance

nexo standards has signed an agreement with FIS to develop a suite of test tools that will allow vendors, acquirers and processors to test the compliance of their payment systems and devices with nexo’s payment acceptance messaging standards and specifications.

globally standardised card payments acceptance

nexo and FIS sign for globally standardised card payments acceptance

As part of the agreement, FIS will create a test solution that supports development and implementation testing of nexo protocols, ensuring quality, functionality and performance in a timely and uniform manner.

“As implementations of nexo’s card payment acceptance standards gather momentum around the world, the delivery of an all-in-one nexo test suite will empower our stakeholders to get their payments acceptance solutions to market quickly. The suite will help to smooth out the formal certification process and allow alterations and upgrades to be made with ease,” says Arnaud Crouzet, General Secretary, nexo standards.

“As the industry increasingly moves towards the adoption of an interoperable payments acceptance infrastructure, this partnership is hugely important; we are committed to supporting the market during this period of transition. As a member of nexo standards, FIS’ in-depth understanding of our protocols makes them the perfect partner to deliver this solution,” adds Crouzet.

“We embrace the chance to work with game-changing associations such as nexo standards. This partnership is an exciting opportunity for FIS,” continues Marie Costers, General Manager of Open Test Solutions at FIS.

“nexo’s protocols deliver real efficiency and convenience to all players in the payments acceptance chain, and we look forward to seeing adoption to continue to grow in 2018. Being selected as the preferred test tool supplier to speed up this growth is a real honor. We look forward to supporting a harmonised, borderless payment acceptance ecosystem with flexible test solutions.”

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