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mPOS player Square launches merchant analytics tool

mPOS player Square launches merchant analytics tool

mPOS specialist Square has launched Square Analytics, a merchant analytics tool, as part of its Register service. Square Analytics derives actionable data from merchants in order to increase sales. Square Analytics integrates the full suite of Square Register products including Pickup, Invoices, and Appointments.


mPOS player Square has launched a merchant analytics tool

Building on the sales data to which Square sellers already have access, the new mobile-optimised Square Analytics delivers information including most-popular items and categories, busiest time of day, and a holistic view of customer spending.

Key features of Square Analytics include an analytics homepage which shows how a seller’s business is performing in real time, including which items are the most popular, and how their business is performing compared to others in their industry. Sales trends provide updates of sales hourly, daily, and monthly so sellers can consider later hours or stocking up on inventory to avoid missed sales. Buyer insights show sellers useful customer information. Sellers can see new versus returning customers as well as customer frequency, recency, and average customer spend.

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