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Money 2020: FIME disrupts payments testing with industry’s first digital platform

FIME has continued to innovate and adapt testing in line with the rapid digital transformation of the global payments industry. The new FIME Test Factory 4.0 platform enables payment players to accelerate the launch of fully tested and certified solutions without compromising on risk. It allows automation, digitisation and customisation of the end-to-end testing process.

New FIME tool qualified by EMVCo

FIME disrupts payments testing with industry’s first digital platform

“Digital payments are evolving fast, driven by rising expectations for more seamless, transparent, and secure user experiences” said Lionel Grosclaude, CEO at FIME and Money 2020.

“The pace of innovation that requires almost weekly solution updates has left the traditional testing and certification infrastructure behind. This has forced the ecosystem to accept certain risks, rather than slow time to market. There is now a better way. The FIME Test Factory draws on the fundamentals of automation and intelligent data exchange at the heart of ‘Industry 4.0’. This is revolutionising the way tests are developed, deployed and consumed.”

The platform has been designed as a ‘pick & mix’ of five modules connected to automated tools covering in-store, in-app and online payment solutions testing, all under one simple management layer.

  • MyTestProcess creates a multi-domain white-label portal to offer digitised test and certification processes.
  • MyTestStudio enables creation and customisation of test plans to support quality assurance.
  • MyTestManager delivers a centralised cockpit to plan and monitor automated tests campaigns.
  • MyTestRecord manages record keeping rules across modules to cope with internal compliance needs.
  • MyTestIntegration is a gateway to connect third parties’ test tools to maximise testing scope.

The first automated test services powered by the platform are API testing to support open banking requirements and Level 3 acquiring and issuing testing.

The platform also supports EMV 3DS services and has been submitted to EMVCo for access control server (ACS) component qualification, with additional component testing to follow. Other automated tools will be gradually added in the coming months.

“With the FIME Test Factory 4.0, testing is no longer a necessary evil but an asset to help payment players to differentiate,” concludes Grosclaude.

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