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Monarch Airlines Welcomes aboard Adyen’s payment solution

Adyen announced that Monarch, the UK’s leading scheduled leisure airline and independent travel group, has chosen to roll out the Adyen payment solution across its online and mobile websites. The move follows the airline’s need to implement real-time dynamic switching of card volumes between acquiring banks and rationalize the number of merchant accounts it operates, both of which have been achieved by using Adyen. 

Operating from six bases in the United Kingdom, Monarch is a scheduled leisure airline which aims to provide its customers with choice, value and superior service. A key requirement for Monarch was to implement a dynamic payment switching solution to help better manage its relationships with international card acquirers and optimize the routing of card volume – previously a resource-intensive activity handled manually by the Monarch team. As all development is conducted in-house, Adyen was able to tailor a switching solution to meet these exact requirements, in addition to providing Monarch with access to a payment platform with connections to over 87 acquiring partners worldwide and highly cost-effective processing conditions.

“We had very specific criteria when it came to looking for a new payment service provider, but uppermost in our thinking was the ability to very quickly implement a dynamic switching solution that would enable us to switch card volume between acquirers in real-time,” explained Andrew Campbell, Group Financial Controller, Monarch. “Having considered proposals from a variety of payment service providers, Adyen was the only one that ticked all our boxes. Not only do we now have the switching solution we were after, but we also have access to an Adyen payment support team that thoroughly understands the airline sector.”

Monarch will benefit from state-of-the-art reporting and reconciliation capabilities, risk management, conversion analytics and automated refund/chargeback service tools. Adyen has also eliminated the occurrence of ‘pending’ transactions, a common challenge that airlines face on the Navitaire booking system, a widely-used passenger reservation service, while working with legacy payment providers.

“Adyen’s extensive experience in the airline and travel sector meant that our team was able to identify and decisively respond to Monarch’s processing requirements,” said Roelant Prins, CCO, Adyen.

 “We understand that Monarch is not alone in having these requirements. In the current economic environment, we are seeing an increasing number of airlines looking for a robust and reliable acquiring setup. The ability to manage acquirer relationships through a single interface, whilst providing a comprehensive payment overview is extremely attractive to merchants looking to simplify payment processes, and we look forward to working with many more airlines in the future.”

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