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Mobile application protection with industry first software secure element

Mobile application protection with industry first software secure element

INSIDE Secure has announced at Cartes America the launch of MatrixSSE, a software secure element for mobile application protection including enterprise, entertainment and financial applications.

The solution allows mobile applications to securely process and store sensitive data in a hostile mobile environment. It simplifies the integration of security into mobile applications and allows them to defend against malicious attacks.

According to the latest McAfee report, Android malware almost tripled between 2012 and 2013. Today, attackers can easily gain access to mobile devices and simply steal keys and other secrets from software that uses traditional cryptographic implementations.

MatrixSSE solves this problem, says the company, by securing the execution and storage environment using whitebox cryptography and code obfuscation technology. In particular, tamper resistant MatrixSSE also prevents out-of-context execution and other “lifting attacks” that plague other less comprehensive solutions by using its advanced context enforcement feature.

MatrixSSE combines a number of existing technologies, including software and tools from Metaforic, a company acquired by INSIDE Secure on April 5, 2014, and existing INSIDE Secure tools, into a comprehensive package of tested and proven security technology layers that have been deployed in more than 100 million mobile applications in the payment, entertainment and gaming sector. These applications have successfully gone through extensive penetration and attack testing by external security labs.

“Hackers, malware and other security issues pose a significant threat to the mobile app ecosystem,” comments Simon Blake-Wilson, executive vice-president of Mobile Security division at INSIDE Secure. “We are excited to bring together a broad range of best-of-breed security technologies and put ourselves at the forefront of applications protection.”

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