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MCX ends CurrentC test – deactives user accounts

MCX ends CurrentC test – deactives user accounts

Proving just how hard it is to enter the payments space, even with backing and an obvious route to mas consumer usage, MCX, has announced that it is ending its the ongoing CurrentC beta test and postponing all future releases – according to an email obtained by The Consumerist.

After the beta test ends, MCX will disable all customer accounts and end consumer access to the service. “We

The CurrentC app

                               CurrentC shuts down

will be concluding our beta test and postponing further releases of CurrentC on June 28, 2016. Therefore, June 28th will be the last day that transactions will be accepted using CurrentC,” the company said in the email sent to beta testers.

Shortly after the email was sent to testers, MCX posted a similar message on its website, while it also put up a FAQ form so users can know what the future holds for CurrentC and their accounts.

Today’s revelation has been a long time coming. Last month, MCX announced that it was postponing the nationwide rollout of CurrentC and would focus on “other aspects of our business” in the meantime. It’s been a rocky road for the service since it launched two years ago. While it was thought that CurrentC would be a viable competitor to Apple Pay thanks to deals with retailers like Walmart, BestBuy, Rite Aid, and CVS, security concerns and the QR code based implementation proved otherwise.

While early exclusivity deals meant that retailers couldn’t accept Apple Pay without facing a fine, many CurrentC retailers now do accept Apple’s mobile payment platform, including Best Buy. Walmart, which has always been adamantly against Apple Pay and was an original CurrentC supporter, abandon the platform and developed its own payment system instead.

At this point, it’s unclear what the future holds for MCX and CurrentC – or if there even is a future. In a statement, a MCX spokesperson noted that it has “not announced future timelines or plans around the app but we’re looking forward to analyzing and learning from the data we gleaned throughout the beta.”

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