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MasterCard partner with VimpelCom and Orange to offer mobile money globally

MasterCard partner with VimpelCom and Orange to offer mobile money globally

As the mobile industry is in the midst of the buzzing Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the future of m-commerce and smartphone payments are high on the agenda.

eBay has revised its global m-commerce forecast, predicting that it will generate in excess of $20 billion in mobile sales volume in 2013. The forecast comes as eBay reveals that more than 4 million new customers joined via mobile devices last year, boosting the 3 million plus listings being added via mobile around the world every week.

With more and more consumers embracing smartphones and tablets as the everyday way to sell, shop and pay, nearly one in three transactions made on eBay today are now influenced by mobile at some point during the shopping journey.

eBay’s suite of mobile apps have been downloaded more than 120 million times globally. That’s a 20% increase since reaching the 100 million download milestone in September 2012. In the clothing, shoes and accessories category alone, over 100 items are sold every minute across the globe.

 “Just four years ago, mobile commerce had barely taken off. Now we’re expecting to see over $20 billion worth of sales in just one year, demonstrating the huge opportunity that mobile presents,” says Olivier Ropars, senior director, Mobile, eBay.  

“Mobile commerce is key to a future full of possibilities, revolutionising retail and paving the way for a new seamless multichannel experience. Consumers now carry a global store in their pocket and our research shows they check their mobiles around 40 times a day. That’s 40 opportunities for retailers to engage with potential customers, while the ability to shop on the move increases the likelihood to spend.

“Our forecast for global transactions taking place in 2013 is ambitious, but I believe we are yet to see the full potential that mobile can offer the UK retail economy. We predict that the value of global transactions will reach $119 billion by 2015, and I’m excited to see what this means for eBay and it’s consumers alike.”

eBay’s global mobile sales reached $13 billion in 2012, more than doubling 2011 global mobile sales, and far exceeding its original $10 billion forecast for 2012.


eBay By the Numbers (As of February 2013)

·         1/3 One-third of all eBay transactions are “touched” by mobile, meaning users access listings or post via mobile even if the sale isn’t made on a mobile phone

·         120,000,000+ Number of times eBay Inc.’s apps have been downloaded across the globe

·         155,000,000+ Number of listings created via eBay mobile to date across the globe

·         41,000,000 Number of times eBay’s core iPhone app has been downloaded

·         24,000,000 Number of times RedLaser has been downloaded across the globe

·         3,300,000 Number of new listings currently added via eBay Mobile per week

·         1,500,000 Number of new eBay shoppers that made first eBay purchase through a mobile device in Q4 2012

·         500,000 Number of car parts and accessories sold every week

·         10,000 Number of vehicles sold every week

·         500 Number of dollars spent every second through mobile purchases

·         164 Number of pieces of clothing, pairs of shoes or accessories sold every minute through eBay’s mobile apps

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