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Lusis Payments TANGO achieves 2,500 transactions per second

Lusis Payments, a Global payments software and services provider, is proud to announce the results of a recent proof of concept that demonstrated that its TANGO platform is capable of processing 2,500 transactions per second for 48 hours straight hours without failure.

“This is a major win for TANGO,” said Phillipe Preval, CEO of Lusis Payments. “The client


Proof of Concept Project Proves TANGO a Payments Industry Top Performer

was looking for a next-generation payment transaction processing solution that could serve as a switch to provide services to existing solutions, thus reducing costs by harmonizing development and operations activities, reducing time-to-market and increasing overall quality to the end customer.”

The client currently operates more than 20 million terminals, deployed in over 125 countries, which include some of the world’s largest financial institutions. For the proof of concept, Lusis Payments simulated the client’s system to test TANGO.

HP ran the proof-of-concept tests at its Palo Alto, California, facilities on HP hardware and worked with the client to reproduce its environment for a true simulation. The hardware configuration used at the time of the benchmark consisted of the NBC54000 platform running 8 blades with Intel’s Itanium QuadCore processors.

Each blade had 64 GB of RAM and disk CLIM with 50 mirrored SAS disks that were 300 GB each.  In addition 4 Atalla HSM’s were connected for PAN encryption. As a Lusis Payments partner, HP was proud to demonstrate how well an elite product like TANGO can maximize the high performance of HP Nonstop servers. The project determined that TANGO is fault-tolerant and achieves outstanding volumes and throughput.

Preval said that the success of the project was due to cooperation by all parties involved. “TANGO outperformed the client’s expectations and demonstrated low memory consumption,” he said. “The solution’s message-based design allows for high scalability and flexible modular composition of components controlled by configuration files instead of programmed code, which makes it fairly easy to tailor the platform and hardware to the client’s needs.”

TANGO provides an open SOA for acquiring, routing, switching, authenticating and authorizing transactions across multiple channels — including ATM, point of sale, Internet and mobile banking — in a multi-institution environment across different geographies.

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