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Live @ MWC: Google Glass barcode scanning

GS1 have announced that they will be demonstrating the power of barcode scanning in

Google glasses

Google Glass to Showcase Latest Innovation in Mobile Device Bar Code Scanning at Mobile World Congress

evolving mobile devices using the widely speculated Google Glass platform.

This demonstration, the first of its kind in Europe using Google Glass has been developed in collaboration with the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and Icare, the Swiss Research Institute.

When a bar code on product packaging is scanned using Google Glass they receive trusted product information such as nutritional content and recipes, which can then be adapted to personalised preferences, provide special offers, consumer reviews and shared with others on social media websites.

GS1, the supply chain standards organisation, manages the system of product barcodes used by over 1 million companies on billions of products across the world.

“Consumer behaviour is always changing and there is a constant need for information on demand, the next generation of bar code scanning is a key driver for consumers to be able to access data and media owners to engage users.  Our demonstration using Google Glass is an innovative way for retailers, manufacturers and mobile solution providers to imagine the future and the way we share information on mobile devices” said Malcolm Bowden, President Global Solutions, GS1.

“If we can inspire the mobile ecosystem to see the possibilities for implementing the specifications we are developing, then this will be an exciting proposition for consumers.  We would like one day to see these as library components on all Android and IOS devices” continued Malcolm Bowden.

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