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Live@ Money2020: NXP secure NFC mobile transactions

Live@ Money2020: NXP secure NFC mobile transactions

NXP Semiconductors has introduced the PN66T module: the “most comprehensive solution for secure NFC mobile transactions”.

The module combines a highly secure Smart MX2 element (P61), NFC radio, operating

A smartphone with contactless enables Visa card through NFC SIM

New NXP Module Creates a Paradigm Shift for Secure NFC Mobile Transactions

system and trust provisioning. To accelerate the deployment and meet the increased demands around mobile transactions, PN66T features a loader service, which enables service providers to easily deliver new applications by significantly simplifying the value chain of deploying credentials to devices.

The PN66T module is designed for mobile devices like smartphones and wearables and enables converged deployment of a broad set of transaction related applications such as mobile payment, access control, transit, and authentication.

“As the global leader in security and identification and co-inventor of NFC technology, NXP is uniquely positioned to enable mobile transaction solutions that make life easier and private data more secure for consumers and enterprises alike,” said Jeff Miles, vice president mobile transactions, NXP Semiconductors.

“The PN66T solves previously existing bottlenecks to widespread mobile transaction adoption by enabling service providers to deliver a wide variety of secure element use cases with a single solution.  Imagine a solution to secure mobile transactions where the secure element and NFC connectivity are seen as just another resource like GPS, WiFi, or Bluetooth. The PN66T is fulfilling this premise.”

Key Features of the PN66T Module

  • Support for full system integration and tuning in mobile OS’s with proven certification
  • Hardware and software co-designed for optimised solution and benchmark performance
  • Fast time to market through integrated offering brings low risk
  • Flexible trust provisioning to facilitate multiple OEM, SP-TSM, and MNO service models
  • Complementary support for HCE to decrease financial burden on bank issuers
  • NXP provides a fully integrated and proven solution with validated end applications

Key Features of the P61 Secure Element and Java Card OS (JCOP 3.1)

  • P61 secure hardware microcontroller is the only Common Criteria EAL6+ security certified mobile product
  • SPI interface allows strong authentication on device
  • Applets: VISA Mobile Payment Application (VMPA), MCW Mobile MasterCard PayPass, American Express ExpressPay, PBOC, MIFARE4Mobile M4M2.1, FIDO

Key Features of NFC hardware and firmware

  • Reduce system integration cost through BoM optimisation
  • Improve card emulation and reader/writer mode performance providing extended NFC range
  • Reduced antenna by 25% with further optimisation possible by enabling a 5V driver (optional)

Antenna size reduction reduced in card mode by more than a factor 3 allowing optimised design for wearable devices


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