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Live at Cartes: MasterCard and Worldline partner to integrate MasterPass

Live at Cartes: MasterCard and Worldline partner to integrate MasterPass

MasterCard and Worldline, Atos subsidiary for e-payment services, announced their

A person holding a mobile phone with MasterPass from MasterCard on it

MasterPass makes headway with strategic deal

extended partnership on the integration and deployment of MasterPass.

Worldline will develop a digital wallet platform with open interfaces available for card-issuing institutes based on MasterCard’s MasterPass technology.

“MasterPass is a solution that takes the shopping experience to the next level with respect to the pre & post payment,” explains Marc-Henri Desportes, General Manager at Worldline.

“Our common goal is to offer this smart, simple and secure solution for the integration of MasterPassTM in e-Commerce processes to issuing banks. We are proud to be part of this advanced payment offering together with MasterCard.”

Beginning next year cardholders will be able to sign-up for one of these wallets and use it for online payments wherever MasterPass is accepted using a PC or mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

After the recent announcement of the cooperation between MasterCard and Worldline to bring MasterPass services to Worldine merchants, MasterCard and Worldline now expand their cooperation for issuing banks and financial institutions. Worldline now supports the payment process by MasterCard end-to-end and provides a complete solution for e-payment that consumers and cardholders of issuing banks will benefit from.

Customizable payment platform for the German market

With MasterPass, financial institutions will benefit from a smart, simple and secure way to implement a digital wallet service that enhances the overall consumer shopping experience. Worldline is now able to offer MasterPass as a new and innovative payment solution to issuing banks and institutions that benefit from a solution that has been adapted to accommodate the local market needs and requirements in accordance with the international standards and global technology from MasterCard.

“The collaboration with Worldline brings a national MasterPass branded wallet platform to Germany and thus an advanced payment technology from which financial institutions and their cardholders as well as the merchant will benefit,” explains Arne Pache, Head of Emerging Payments Continental Europe at MasterCard.

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