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JPMorgan suffers hack attack

JPMorgan suffers hack attack

US banking giant JPMorgan is the latest high-profile organization to suffer a hack attack, which is now being investigated by the FBI. It is reported that in mid-August, Russian hackers infiltrated and stole data from JPMorgan Chase and at least one other bank, an incident the FBI is investigating as a possible retaliation for US government-sponsored sanctions against Russia in the wake of the Crimea annexation.

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Hackers attack JPMorgan Chase

The attack resulted in the loss of gigabytes of sensitive data. Authorities are investigating whether recent infiltrations of major European banks using a similar vulnerability are also linked to the attack.

In one case, the hackers used a software flaw known as a zero-day vulnerability in one of the banks’ websites. They then plowed through layers of elaborate security to steal the data, a feat security experts said appeared far beyond the capability of ordinary criminal hackers.

Attacks on the US financial sector from Russia and Eastern Europe have risen over the last few months, according to several cyber security experts. Companies and US officials are examining the possibility that the uptick is related to the conflict over Russia’s behavior in Ukraine.

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