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Internet spending is one-third of UK card expenditure value

New figures published by the UK Cards Association show that 30% of the value of all spending on cards in January was via the internet, with £15.4 billion of the £46.5 billion total spent in this way.

A blue bubble showing and online shopping cart

Internet spending is on the rise in the UK

The number of online card transactions comprised 12.3% of total card purchases which equates to 118 million of all 1,054 million card payments. The new data also revealed people spend twice as much on average via the internet as they do in-store, with the average transaction value for each standing at £96.10 and £46.53 respectively in January.

The most common online card purchase was on entertainment which stood at 27% of total internet card volume, whilst food and drink accounted for 7% of all online purchases in January.

This is the first time The UK Cards Association has published the amount spent on the internet using cards by value or by number of transactions and data will now be released on a monthly basis.

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