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International digital remittance to hit 2 billion transactions by 2027

A new study has found the total volume of international digital remittances will exceed 2 billion globally in 2027, from just over 1.1 billion in 2022.

International digital remittance to hit 2 billion trx

It predicts this growth will be accelerated by the increasing speed and low cost of digital remittances versus traditional agent-based services.

The report uncovered that costs are being driven down rapidly by a very competitive environment; making differentiation difficult for vendors in the space.

Western Union tops leader board

The research identified the world’s leading digital remittance providers by evaluating their offerings, and the key factors that have led to their respective success.

The top 5 vendors were ranked as follows:

1.    Western Union
2.    Wise
3.    Ria
4.    MoneyGram
5.    InstaReM

“Juniper Research has ranked Western Union as leading in the global digital remittances market, based on its highly successful transition into the digital arena, whilst maintaining strong partnerships,” says Research co-author Damla Sat.

“Vendors aiming to compete must continue to build out their partnership networks with local financial institutions and networks to increase currencies supported, as well as challenging very closely on price.”

Mobile dominates digital remittances

Additionally, the research found that mobile remittances will account for over 73% of all digital remittances globally by 2027; up from 67% in 2022.

The research identified mobile remittances as key to future growth, with funding via digital wallets and integration within super apps becoming key differentiators.

The research recommends cross-border remittance providers focus on offering a compelling user experience, by providing easy tracking of payments and convenient funding options; given the increased commoditisation of services.

The research identified partnerships with super apps, where multiple services including payments and eCommerce are available in one app, as the clearest way to ensure success in markets where super apps dominate.


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