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Ingenico launches products to secure place in fast growing Android POS market

As the Android POS market really begins to gain traction in both mPOS and traditional POS Ingenico launched Axium, its next-generation POS platform designed with acquirers’ clients in mind. It gives access to a complete cloud ecosystem for commerce, which builds on the open Android and Ingenico’s Telium Tetra operating systems to converge business and payment.

With Axium, acquirers can differentiate their offer to small merchants and capture new revenue streams from a larger payment acceptance portfolio – supporting new payment methods – and cross-channel services based on tokenization.

Android POS market

Ingenico launches products to secure place in fast growing Android POS market

These were until now reserved for organized commerce and represent a real asset to small merchants. Axium connects to our e-commerce gateway, Ingenico Connect, and to our in-store gateway, on which back office services such as digital receipt management, refund management or business reconciliation rely.

Axium offers the benefits of an open Android environment, combined with the security and stability of our proven Telium Tetra operating system. The platform allows merchants to download apps from the vast selection available on an open marketplace or from acquirers’ private marketplaces.

APIs connect smart ECR POS to business services, while cloud services enable cloud backup, for business continuity purposes, and the remote management of ECR POS content and settings. All these features are instrumental in the digitalization of small-scale commerce.

As well as Android POS, Ingenico has also developed a solution for micro-merchants based on a technology generally called PIN on Glass (PoG) or PIN on Mobile (PoM). It will enable consumers to insert their cards in a compact smartcard reader and manually enter their PIN on the personal mobile device of the merchant.

Ingenico has successfully integrated PIN on Glass into the overall payment process and existing infrastructure. Its solution has been approved by the main card schemes such as Mastercard. Ingenico Group has received waivers to conduct field tests in several countries, which are about to be launched.

“This PIN on Glass solution will perfectly complement existing Ingenico offers. It will allow our clients to build disruptive business models and extend card acceptance among micro-merchants, with a solution designed for their specific payment needs,” concludes Patrice Le Marre, Executive Vice President, Banks & Acquirers Business Unit, Ingenico Group.

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