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HID Global and Proxama join forces for mobile proximity marketing

HID Global and Proxama, the global platform provider of mobile proximity marketing, mobile wallet and payment solutions, announced that they have partnered to create a solution enabling rapid deployment of secure mobile web-based coupon and loyalty schemes.

The solution combines the loyalty capabilities of Proxama’s TapPoint platform with the

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HID Global and Proxama have partnered to create a secure mobile web-based coupon and loyalty schemes

security of HID Trusted Tag Services to deliver “a frictionless consumer experience while eliminating fraud and abuse from retail coupon and loyalty programmes”.

To participate in the coupon and loyalty programmes, consumers interact with an authentic Near Field Communication (NFC) tag from HID Global. HID Trusted Tags feature security and privacy attributes that change on every tap, providing true customer proof of presence and making each tap uncloneable. As a result, Proxama’s retailers and brands are protected from situations wherein one transaction can lead to rewards being collected multiple times.

“The level of security delivered by HID Trusted Tag Services was previously available only on downloadable mobile applications,” says Neil Garner, CEO, Proxama. “This partnership allows us to offer our retailers easy and highly secure web-based loyalty and rewards programmes. It creates an alternative to mobile apps that delivers easier participation and a more rewarding consumer experience.”

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