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Hackers steal $1 billion in global cyber attack

Around $1 billion may have been stolen by hackers from 100 banks worldwide in an unprecedented cyber attack, according to a report by security specialist Kaspersky Lab.

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Hackers may have stolen around $1 billion

The attacks, which took place a two-year timeframe beginning in 2013, are thought to have been perpetrated by a hacker gang with links to Russia, China and Ukraine.

According to Kaspersky, at least $300 million has been definitively lost in the attacks, but that figure could rise as banks attempt to locate a series of $10 million transfers thought to have been initiated by the gang.

It is believed that the attacks were made using a form of malware called Carbanak, which provided access to bank networks and allowed the hackers to bypass internal checks and balances by monitoring bank procedures via video surveillance and keystroke logging.


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