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Global Payments acquires Realex payments

Realex Payments, one of Europe’s largest and fastest growing payment gateways, has been acquired by Global Payments, a leading worldwide provider of payment technology services.

“We are thrilled to be joining the Global Payments team.  It’s great news for our

Global Payments acquires Realex payments

Global Payments acquires Realex payments

customers, for our employees, and for Ireland,” comments Realex Payments founder and CEO, Colm Lyon.

“For Realex Payments’ existing 12,500 merchants, this deal means they can avail of Global Payments unmatched international presence, entering new markets and driving their global ecommerce business like never before.

And for Realex Payments’ staff, the diversity of opportunity that comes with the deal is enormous.  Global Payments conducts business in 28 countries with 4,200 employees across the globe. Lastly, this is another great news story for Ireland.  Going forward, the company will be at the heart of ecommerce for a Fortune 1000 company that services over 1.5 million merchants.”

“Realex Payments represents a strategic investment to expand our international omni-channel technology offerings, enhancing our go-to-market strategy in one of our largest regions with industry leading value-added products and services.  We are excited to further invest in our European businesses, continue to leverage our multinational footprint and accelerate our growth opportunities at a favourable time in Europe,” concludes Jeff Sloan, CEO, Chief Executive Officer, Global Payments.

Under the terms of the agreement, the transaction is valued at €115 million.

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