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Gemalto lose patent infringement case

Gemalto lose patent infringement case

Gemalto has announced that the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit did not support Gemalto’s proposed claim construction for its patent infringement lawsuit over Android. Patents involved remain valid.

“Gemalto’s has consistently patented and broadly licensed its innovation so we are

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Gemalto lose patent infringement case

certainly disappointed by this judgment with regards to the scope of use of some of our intellectual property,” comments Olivier Piou, Chief Executive Officer.

“This decision has no impact on our historical patents licensing activity, nor on the Company’s 2017 long-term objectives. We are now reaching the end of a long legal process, fully committed to our new development plan.”

in 2010 Gemalto NV sued Google Inc. and phonemakers HTC Corp.Motorola Inc.and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., claiming the Android mobile-phone operating system used its technology without permission.

The manufacturer of digital-security technology filed the patent-infringement suit against the companies in Texas federal court on Oct. 22 2010, according to the complaint. Gemalto said the development platform for Android improperly includes its Java Card technology, which allows software written in Java and other “high-level programming languages” to run on mobile phones.

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