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From Abandonment to Acquisition – White Paper

From Abandonment to Acquisition – White Paper

Jumio_Abandonment-to-Acquisition coverFrom Abandonment to Acquisition: Five tactics to reduce abandonment in your m-commerce channel

Nineteen years after the first online retail transaction back in 1994, the growth curve still shows noasign of slowing down. Looking forward, the next wave of growth is being fuelled by the rise of web savvy, mobile consumers glued to their smartphones and tablets. It seems that online retailers have got it made. Take a peek, however, behind the top level stats and an alarmingly high two thirds of mobile visitors are abandoning the checkout process before merchants can acquire the transaction and take payment from mobile customers with items in their basket.

In this WhitePaper, Jumio examines how despite a track record of constant growth through perpetual innovation, the online retail industry is actually currently underperforming and further growth being held back. Here’s Jumio’s perspective on the abandonment challenge and five tactics to apply to your mobile site or app to reduce abandonment along with examples of businesses that are already successfully applying these tactics.

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