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Flexible white-label card issuing solution with Wallester

Flexible white-label card issuing solution with Wallester

Despite more than a decade of non-stop innovation in online and digital payments, the majority of businesses are happy to settle for a “vanilla” off-the-shelf card program that doesn’t fit their needs.

Flexible white-label card issuing solution with Wallester

Sometimes that’s because they are too close to their partner issuer, and happy to accept what they’re given. All too often, though, it’s because they’re not aware of the options they have.

Meanwhile, more merchants than ever before are accepting electronic payments, with merchant numbers expected to rise by 30% after COVID[1].

These factors make it vital to have an effective card payment solution that allows you to control spending and manage company finances efficiently.

Enter Wallester, a FinTech company offering a range of innovative payment solutions for banks and non-bank customers that fit their individual business needs, delivering these solutions to market rapidly and with maximum impact.

A fully-licensed financial institution based in Estonia, Wallester develops digital financial technology and issues Visa cards across the entire European Economic Area.

Being an official Visa partner since 2018, Wallester holds such statuses as Visa FinTech Fast Track Member and a Visa Principal Member, which officially allows to issue all kinds of VISA cards.

The company works with its customers to issue physical and virtual cards of any type: debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, and cards for business  – as well as mobile apps and integrations with digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Payment cards: more popular than cash

As cash use declines, with fewer than one in five transactions in the UK and Netherlands now executed using cash, cards are the most popular payment method in the world.

This makes them indispensable for any organisation looking to pay other businesses, employees and customers (think reward programs and prepaid cards).

“Wallester’s mission is to make accessing payment cards easier than ever” – Wallester CEO Sergei Astafjev

As a licensed white-label Visa card issuer, Wallester offers physical and virtual cards branded for your organisation, and can also connect you to contactless payment services such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and others. The company’s mission is to make accessing payment cards easier than ever.

Wallester white-label: easy to access, fast to market

Wallester’s white-label card solution comprises an entire ecosystem. At its heart lies a sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) system which processes payments in real-time.

Wallester’s white-label service allows clients to create own-brand virtual and physical Visa cards – whether prepaid, credit or debit – based on their own designs and materials. To encourage usage, clients can set up Visa Gold, Platinum, Signature or Infinite programs.

“Wallester’s commitment is to issue virtual cards in one month, and physical cards in three months.”

Keeping pace with digital and mobile technologies, Wallester offers own-brand mobile apps on behalf of its customers, whether these are for consumers or businesses, and whether clients are financial institutions or other businesses.

For instance, Wallester developed a white-label programme for one neobank which enabled their private and business customers to make card payments anywhere in the world.

Wallester Business – total financial control

Businesses of all kinds need better control over how their corporate cards are being used in the physical and online environments.

Responding to this need, Wallester has created a fully customisable corporate card solution including individual limits and integrated accounting services to help clients manage their company finances more effectively.

“Wallester innovates in every area of the card business – from issuing and purchasing through to invoicing and accounting.”

Wallester issues physical and virtual cards via an IBAN account and enable monitoring of transactions in real time, including a system that makes it possible for clients to confirm purchase requests from employees online and manage budgets in real time thanks to integrated accounting services.

By automating the upload of invoices to its accounting service, Wallester makes budget management and reporting easy.

Via a mobile app, it’s possible for clients to set limits for individual employees and produce statistics for each employee’s spending, with purchases categorised per employee. User profiles can be created with individual permissions for specific spending categories enabled by the user.

All solutions are integrated via a unique REST API created by the Wallester in-house development team. Easily integrated with any platform, this open API helps to launch clients’ programmes in no time.

To find out more about how Wallester can integrate a range of card products and other payments services for your company, visit

[1] See The Digital and Card Payment Data Yearbooks 2021-2022


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