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First Data launches Clover Mini POS

First Data has launched a tablet-based mini POS system dubbed Clover Mini.

Aimed at small businesses, the Clover Mini is a small POS system that is aimed at

First Data launches Clover Mini POS

First Data launches Clover Mini POS

competing with Poynt, former Google Wallet lead Osama Bedier’s recently launched point-of-sale. The Mini will accept NFC-based payments from mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay and even the soon-to-launch Samsung Pay.

It also has a card slot for Chip-and-PIN credit cards. The tablet-sized terminal has a PIN pad, multiple USB ports and full Wi-Fi functionalities, as well as an input for an Ethernet cable.

Prior to Clover Mini’s widespread introduction, First Data initiated a pilot program to make the product available to business owners and industry analysts.

As part of the Clover family, the Clover Mini provides access to the Clover App Market. Included in the App Market are two First Data apps: Perka Punchcard, a digital loyalty and rewards program, and Insightics, business intelligence software tailored for small businesses.

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