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FIME first to offer JCB card and mobile validation

FIME is the first testing provider to be accredited by JCB to support issuing banks with their JCB EMV migration and certification projects. Issuers around the world can now work with FIME to confirm that their contact, contactless, mobile J/Speedy v3.0 products are personalized correctly, in line with the JCB specifications which underpin more than 86 million JCB cards across 19 countries.

FIME is a world leader in providing card personalization validation services, and is accredited by major

FIME first to offer JCB card and mobile validation

        FIME first to offer JCB card                     and mobile validation

international and domestic payment networks. In addition to its accredited certification services, banks can benefit from FIME’s trainings, expertise and technical support services. These services help issuers achieve seamless EMV migration and successful certification of their cards and mobile applications, reducing both time-to-market and costs.

FIME’s personalization validation test tool (PVT), PersevalPro, which is co-developed with Barnes International and used by issuers, card manufacturers and personalization bureaus for pre-certification testing, has also received JCB qualification. Use of this tool minimises the risk of failure at the final certification stage.

“Issuing banks need the right support to manage their EMV migration projects and bring mobile payment solutions to market,” comments Arnaud Peninon, Director of FIME Asia. “Only accredited services and qualified tools can ensure global interoperability and deliver the smooth certification that reduces banks’ product development costs and time to market.”

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