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EACHA deliver ACH interoperability of Instant Payments in Euro

EACHA leads, upon invitation by the ECB, a taskforce consisting of ACHs (including members of EACHA, EBA Clearing and representatives of Target2), national central banks, the ECB, and ad hoc other stakeholders.

The purpose of the group is to deliver to the Eurosystem, by March 2016, a set of business requirements for


EACHA deliver ACH interoperability        of Instant Payments in Euro

ensuring risk management, clearing and settlement and interoperability of SCT-Instant payments.

Additionally EACHA’s Interoperability Framework will be published in November 2016, closely following on the publication of the EPC Scheme Rulebook for SCT-Instant Payment. This timing enables all stakeholders – banks, instant payment service providers, clearing and settlement providers, national central banks – to build and launch interoperable instant payment services in Euro, ensuring pan-European reach from the outset.

EACHA is very well positioned to deliver the Interoperability Framework for Instant Payments building on the existing interoperability Framework developed in 2008 for the launch of the SEPA Schemes. Several EACHA members already operate IP services (UK, Denmark, Sweden, Poland) in addition several other members have started initiatives (Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy) for service supporting the SCTinst Scheme.

Connecting these ACHs would already achieve significant European reach, which can then be gradually expanded as other communities go live. As an Association, EACHA represents the common interest and common views of its members and does not have an operational role.

The Frameworks are published as a contribution to the industry, providing guidelines to facilitate inter-ACH interoperability in a multi-CSM market. The implementation of technical and business interoperability remains the decision of the individual ACHs wishing to enter into a bilateral or multilateral agreement.

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