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Domestic Card Schemes in Europe – A Status

Domestic Card Schemes in Europe – A Status

The landscape of domestic card schemes in Europe has changed dramatically following the implementation of the European Economic Area, the Payment Services Directive and the SEPA Cards Framework.

The domestic card schemes in the UK, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Finland

Domestic Card Schemes in Europe – A Status

Domestic Card Schemes in Europe – A Status

have been phased-out and are replaced by cards by international cards branded VISA Debit, Debit MasterCard, Maestro or V PAY, respectively. Also, most of the electronic purse systems are phased-out, except in Germany and Austria.

The remaining domestic card schemes in Belarus, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Serbia and Spain have transformed their governance model and continue competing with internationally branded card. Also, mono-bank-issued domestic cards continue to operate.

Based on the successful historic background, the domestic card schemes follow different strategies to transform the payment services for the multi-channel digital payment world. Especially, remote payments and mobile payments on domestic scheme cards are a challenge.


The country profiles of the Payment Cards Yearbooks provide the individual background of the domestic card schemes by country, the transformation of their governance models, and the new trends regarding remote payments and mobile payments on domestic cards, respectively.

The Payment Cards Statistical Yearbooks give a market leading and comprehensive up-to-date picture of the card issuing, acquiring and processing business within 43 countries plus pan European and Eurasian overviews and more…

The reports are recognised through the payments industry as the most authoritative source of strategic and business information on the European and Eurasian payment markets.

The report comprises of 2 volumes – Volume 1 covers payments statistics of the 33 European countries and Volume 2 contains the Eurasian payments statistics on 10 countries. The European Payment Cards Yearbook and Eurasian Payment Cards Yearbook 2014–15 are available to purchase as complete volumes or as individual country profiles.

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