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Disappearing payments: How to navigate the future

The future of payments won’t be about payments, it’ll be about data. Specifically the contextual data that travels with payment, rather than the payment message itself. Payment will cease to be the most visible part.

Disappearing payments How to navigate the futureIn time it may even disappear. We examine how disappearing payments will create a long-tail of disruption for consumers, merchants, payment industry incumbents and brands. This will encompass new business models, new partnerships and ways to create and articulate value.

When payments disappear, it will give rise to a quest for new value(s), namely value-add in a commoditised market but also values that guide purpose. Businesses will put data to work harder for them and their customers.

In this White Paper: Disappearing payments: How to navigate the future RS2 examine how this will bring about a cultural shift in the data value system for individuals, businesses and society. your business to take advantage of future opportunities.

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