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Digicash mobile payments

Digicash mobile payments

Auchan Luxembourg has kicked off the official launch of the 2nd generation of Digicash, the Luxembourg banks’ mobile payment product.

The new version enables customers to link their Auchan Luxembourg loyalty cards to their

Digicash mobile payments

Digicash mobile payments

bank’s App and get a best-in-class full contactless payment experience with the Digicash BEACONs.

There is no longer any need to show the loyalty card at check-out: loyalty accounts are automatically topped up with every Digicash transaction. Payments are triggered through Digicash BEACONs using either Bluetooth or NFC signals.

Digicash combines mobile payments with the retailer’s loyalty programme, using SEPA account-to-account transactions as the underlying payment channel. Each partner bank now allows its users to connect their Auchan Luxembourg loyalty card to its Digicash App.


Raoul Mulheims, CEO of Digicash Payments, considers the implementation “an important milestone in the evolution of the Digicash product. Our goal is to position our product as “best in class” in all payment contexts. After having improved online and bill payment, this ambitious system offers real added value to payments made at major retail outlets.”

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